What type of inks are used on EcoEnclose products?

Our poly mailers, paper mailers, shopping bags and corrugated boxes are all printed with water-based inks. 

Our box printing inks are HydroSoy. These are water-based inks that use soy (versus petroleum) derived resin. Water is still the carrier, but the resin - an additive that helps improve adhesion, quality, - is made from soy.

EcoEnclose employs flexographic technology for custom printing, and we have found that water-based inks are the most effective and eco-friendly ink option for this printing method. 

Note that we also offer Algae Ink for anyone printing their corrugated shipping boxes in black. Algae Ink is an emerging science, being developed by Living Ink Technologies. It is the first and only ink in which the actual pigment is derived from algae (versus a nonrenewable substance such as carbon black). If you are interested in algae ink for your next box print, contact us at design@ecoenclose.com. 

To learn more about printing processes, this blog post about algae inks contains background and details: http://blog.ecoenclose.com/algae-based-printer-ink/ .

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