Why don't you offer free shipping?

Thank you for your interest in eco-friendly shipping solutions! We know that huge marketplaces with massive market share are making free shipping more and more common. Because of this, we often get the question - "why doesn't EcoEnclose offer free shipping?" 

Unfortunately, we simply cannot afford it. Why is this?

  • As you know (as an ecommerce business yourself!), carriers like UPS, USPS, FEDEX do not ship for free. There is an expensive and growing cost to ship our products from our facility to yours. Shipping supplies are heavy and bulky, and therefore the cost of shipping them can be significantly higher than shipping on smaller, consumer items (such as apparel or lotions or jewelry). 
  • Merchants who do offer FREE SHIPPING are not actually 'gifting' consumers. They are likely raising the price of their products to cover their shipping costs. Again, for some merchants, this does not result in a major price increase because the cost of shipping for their small, lightweight items is fairly minimum. This is not the case for shipping supplies. As such, we prefer to keep our individual product prices as low as possible and charge only actual shipping based on weight and destination.
  • Big companies (like Amazon) get deeply discounted shipping rates from the carriers. Smaller, independent companies (like us, perhaps like you as well!), do not enjoy those rates. Big companies are better positioned to offer Free Shipping and mark up their products with a smaller increase.

What we can promise you instead...

  • Shipping charges based on actual weight and destination - no additional handling fees.
  • Excellent, attentive, & prompt service.
  • Revolutionary and ecologically-sound product selection.
  • At the lowest possible prices
  • Automatic quantity discounts that may offset all or most of your shipping expenses.

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