Do you offer printed samples?

Thanks so much for the interest in our custom printed packaging! Yes, we can offer printed mailer or box samples for you. If you are interested in either, please email Caroline at .

Boxes or Mailers

-Boxes: 5-10 printed samples with your art/logo
-Poly Mailers: 1-3 printed samples with your art/logo
-Lead time is 2-3 weeks plus ship time for boxes, 4-5 weeks lead time for mailers.
-Cost starts at: $150 plus shipping (accurate quote available after looking at artwork)
-Digital proof provided free of charge

Art format requirements are:

  • 1.5 MB or less in size
  • vector format (.ai, .eps, .pdf)
  • one color
  • all font has been outlined
  • all font is larger than 12pt (or no spaces less than 1/16” in all font and graphics) to prevent the ink from filling in.
  • for box orders, .75" margins from all edges
  • transparent background

We understand that cost may not be feasible for all of our customers. We do provide a digital proof of the art on the mailer or box template for your approval free of charge. You will receive the proof after the order is placed. Otherwise, if you would like it before you place the order, simply send us your art file along with the product info. 


Our sticker proofs will be given digitally. If you'd like a physical proof, the cost is: 


  • Hard Copy Proof(print out of artwork on cut piece of specialty material)
    • Sheets: $59.00 (+ custom tooling if applicable)
    • Rolls/Die Cuts: $163.00 (+ custom tooling if applicable)
  • Press Proof (print out of artwork on non-cut piece of specialty material
    • Sheets: n/a
    • Rolls/Die Cuts: $99.00


  • Die Cut Samples = $520.00 (+ custom tooling if applicable)
  • Digital Print Samples (printed die only. Does not include Die Cut) = $195.00

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