Which Thermal Printer can I use with your Zero Waste Thermal Label Rolls?

EcoEnclose now offers two different Zero Waste Thermal Roll options. 

  •  Black Mark Labels (250 count)
  • Transmissive Gap Labels (250 and 1000 count)

Our Black Mark Labels utilize a black timing mark. A timing mark is a black line on the release liner in between each label. Also called black mark sensing, printers use the timing marks to know when to stop feeding the label.

A Transmissive Gap Label uses a center gap reader to sense the space between the labels. Some gap labels also have a notch but ours utilize only the space in between with no cut-outs. 

The different label types will be compatible with different printers. Please check label compatibility before purchasing our labels, as some thermal printers only use their own labels and/or special sizes. *Please note that the Industrial size rolls are only compatible with industrial-sized printers. 

Here are some of the most commonly used label printers on the market, and which of our 250 count rolls they are compatible with:

Zebra Label PrintersThese are compatible with both Transmissive Gap and Black Mark labels. Some Zebra Label Printers, especially industrial models, can be set to "reflective" or "black mark" on the printer itself. Some require you to adjust the settings within the software itself. This article provides guidance as to how to find settings and move your printer from one setting to another:


Before ordering the labels make sure of which size roll the printer will accept (250 count or 1000 count).

Rollo Label Printer: This is compatible with our Black Mark labels. You will purchase a roll holder for behind the unit, but these are only compatible with our 250 count roll size:

Holder for 250 count labels:  Rollo

DYMO LabelWriter 4XLCompatible with our Black Mark labels.  You should not need to adjust any settings or calibrate with this printer. Please keep in mind that Dymo does not warranty their printer unless their labels are used. 

Munbyn ITPP941: Compatible with our Black Mark labels.  You should not need to adjust any settings or calibrate with this printer. 

Not Compatible!!

Dymo Label Writer 5XL printers are only compatible with Dymo labels. 

Brother Thermal Printers are not compatible with either as the sensor only works with Brother Labels.

The Zebra ZSB DP14 Printer (4 Inch) is not compatible with either as the printer requires label cartridges.


If you've ordered Zero Waste Direct Thermal Labels from us and have used them successfully on your printer OR have had issues doing so, we'd love your feedback so we can continue to support companies effectively. You can share your feedback here: https://forms.gle/z3nmw7VjbW8SzKQv5

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