Rollo Thermal Label Printers

We've received confirmation from several companies that these labels do work with Rollo Label Printers. If you are having issues, you may need to recalibrate the printer to work with these labels:

If you have recalibrated the printer and changed the label settings in the properties and are still having issues, one of the following may be the cause:

  • Your Rollo printer may not acknowledge that you've switched from perforated labels to labels with marks.
  • Your  Rollo printer may attempt to reprint the label if it doesn't believe a label was printed correctly. If this keeps repeating, this is most likely because Rollo hasn't learned your label's properties. This is usually followed by a blinking red light.

In either of these cases, please follow the below steps:

1) Turn the Rollo printer off using the black switch behind the printer, disconnect the USB cable, and turn it back on. This clears any pending print jobs.

2) Ensure you have several labels available behind Rollo and one label loaded for Rollo to print.

3) Press and hold the top-circular button until you hear one beep, then let go. This starts the automatic label identification and you should see your label moving back and forth and stopping at the correct tear off point.

4) When you a see a green light, please reconnect your USB cable, and try your print and it should print perfectly moving forward.

If you have tried these troubleshooting methods and are still having problems, contact Rollo's exceptional customer support team for their feedback.

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