Does EcoEnclose Offer Custom Inserts?

Custom inserts are a great solution for many shippers, and we have successfully designed them in the past. Unfortunately, due to capacity constraints, and the complexity of custom inserts, we have had to make the tough decision that these will not be something we can offer in lower quantities for the foreseeable future.

If your needs are for 10,000 boxes (small), 5,000 boxes(medium) or 2500 boxes (large) with inserts, or more, our Business Development team would be happy to explore the project with you! You can reach them at

Perhaps we can make a void fill such as our GreenWrap or Packaging Paper work for your shipping protection. These papers can be molded in a way that provides a similar unboxing experience to inserts, with no minimums! Check out our recommendations, example pictures, and instructional video here:

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