Zero Waste Thermal Shipping Labels - Troubleshooting and Tips

How to use our Zero Waste Shipping Labels:

EcoEnclose Zero Waste Thermal Label Rolls 250 Count

These utilize a black mark which is printed between each label (around each perforation). This black mark allows them to be readily used with the "Reflective" or "Mark Label" setting on label printers. 

Some thermal printers will have both a Reflective/Mark Setting, and a Gap Setting, and these kinds of printers will work readily with our labels. Some printers are not necessarily designed with a Reflective or Mark Label setting; however, we have found that some customers have been able to use the Zero Waste thermal labels with them anyway.   

In many cases, if the labels don't work on your printer right away, you may have to change the settings to "black mark" or "reflective" sensing, or you may have to calibrate the printer, or input the size of these labels (4x6") as it may differ from what you were previously using. For example, if you have historically been using UPS labels, those are 4 x 6.25”. Our thermal labels are 4 x 6" so you would have to change the setting for the label size.   

EcoEnclose Zero Waste Industrial Thermal Label Rolls 1000 Count

These labels utilize a gap setting vs. a black mark setting. 

Some important notes: 

  1. After changing the settings, unplug your printer for 1-2 minutes, then replug. Then restart your computer to allow the changes to take effect.
  2. You may also need to clear the history on your computer.

Troubleshooting Tips 

  1. Stops printing after one label: After changing the settings, unplug your printer for 1-2 minutes, then replug. Then restart your computer to allow the changes to take effect. You may also need to clear the history on your computer.
  2. The thermal rolls can shift during shipping, so the outer layers may not line up perfectly with the core. Set the labels on the side on a table or counter, and lightly tap to align. If that doesn't help, take a few layers off until you have a tighter coil. 

If you've ordered Zero Waste Direct Thermal Labels from us and have used them successfully on your printer OR have had issues doing so, we'd love your feedback so we can continue to support companies effectively. You can share your feedback here:

Recommended Printers

Here are some of the most commonly used label printers on the market:

Zebra Label Printers: Zebra Label Printers all have a black mark and gap setting. Some Zebra Label Printers, especially industrial models, can be set to "reflective" or "black mark" on the printer itself. Some require you to adjust the settings within the software itself. This article provides guidance as to how to find settings and move your printer from one setting to another:

Rollo Label Printer: We've received confirmation from several companies that our labels do work with Rollo Label Printers. If you are having issues, you may need to recalibrate the printer to work with these labels:

If you have recalibrated the machine and are still having problems, please unplug the unit and the USB, then plug them back in to reset. If none of the above have worked we advise that you contact Rollo's exceptional customer support team for their feedback, or reach out to us for further troubleshooting methods.   

DYMO LabelWriter: DYMO printers are designed to work specifically with DYMO labels only, and thus there is no available service / support when you're trying to use an off market label.  However, 80% of the companies we've heard from that have tried these labels on select DYMO printers have been able to use them successfully so we welcome you trying these out and returning them if they do not work well on your DYMO model. Note that DYMO printers do allow you to input your label size, so if you are running into issues, try to find the setting for label size and adjust to 4 x 6". 

Not Compatible

We have received feedback from customers that the following printers are not compatible with our zero waste thermal labels:

ProLabel Express Pro Printer:  Industrial rolls with gap setting yes, but has no setting to utilize the black sensor. 

Brother QL-1100: Sensor only works with Brother Labels.

Brother QL-1110NWB: Sensor only works with Brother Labels. 


If you are not sure if our labels will work in your printer, you are welcome to place an order to test them. Try the different setting options and if our labels do not work we are happy to process a return for you! 


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