Help, my shipping labels are peeling up!

We are sorry to hear of the trouble with the shipping labels! Below are some troubleshooting steps to help you find the cause of the issue.

It is helpful to first know that the texture on recycled substrate is a challenge due to the recycled content. As paper is recycled the fibers become shorter, hence a "fuzzier" texture than virgin paper. We find that most customers have success if using a standard shipping label and applying firm pressure.


1. Apply firm pressure along the entire length of the label, back and forth. 

2. Put the label on the packaging before adding the product.  

3. Is the mailer or box overfilled? Make sure that your package is not overstuffed. If the package is over- filled  (not flat) the surface area for the label adhesion is diminished. When this happens the label can peel up in the void space underneath. A smaller label may be a good solution. 

4. Humidity in your facility. Moisture level of a mailer/box does affect how a label sticks. We recommend about 40-60% humidity if possible. If you are having issues during the winter season, your indoor air may be very dry due to heating. We recommend running a humidifier in the area you keep your office supplies in if this is an issue. 

5. Dust accumulation. Dust can keep shipping labels from sticking well. 

6. Temperature. Any adhesive product will need to be stored in a climate controlled environment (not to hot, not to cold).   

7. Shelf Life. Due to the adhesive, labels have a shelf life of about a year. 

If you have tried the above and you are still having issues, we recommend a permanent adhesive label such as our High Tack labels below. We love our recycle friendly adhesive labels, but because they are made to release more easily in the recycling process they can have more of a challenge sticking to recycled substrates. 

High Tack Thermal Labels - 250 count roll

High Tack Thermal Labels - 1000 count roll

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at We are here to help!

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