How to Determine My Custom Box Size

What size box do I need? How do I measure a box?

At EcoEnclose, every single box we sell is custom cut, so it is the exact size you need it to be! With our boxes, you can minimize all of the extra, unnecessary air within a box – for more eco-friendly shipping that is less expensive and more visually appealing.

If you are trying to figure out the right size for your EcoEnclose boxes, we typically recommend laying the item(s) you need to ship on a table and measuring an “imaginary boundary” around it to get the length, width and height.

If your vision is to make the box fit perfectly around your items, then a simple guideline would be to add 0.125" to the Length and 0.125” to the Width (and keep the height the same).

If you are going to use void fill, then consider what type and how much fill you plan on using, and add this “cushion” to your dimensions.

Note that the dimensions you input on our site for boxes refers to the inside dimensions of the box you’ll receive. If you have any doubts, we recommend that you order a sample prior to stocking up. Most other shipping supplies companies provide stock sizes for each of their different box styles. If you ordering stock box sizes, we recommend going through the same steps as above, and then finding the stock box size (in the style you are seeking) in dimensions that are at least as big as what you measured.

Remember that minimizing your box size is ideal for a number of reasons – it reduces void fill you might need, it is greener because less material is used and less extra air is shipped, and (especially in the age of dimensional weight pricing) can lead to cheaper shipping costs.

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