In Store Pickup

We love to meet and chat with our local customers, but due to COVID we have limited our in store pickup option. This is to protect the safety of our employees and customers.

If the cost of shipping on your order is $100 or more, we can make set up a pickup on your order with the following terms:

  • You will place the order and pay for shipping upfront. 
  • Once your order is ready for pick up you will have 72 hours to pick up the order. You will be notified via email only. If not picked up within this time frame or no contact has been made, we will ship the order and no refund for the ship cost will be due.
  • A mask is required to be on before you get out of your vehicle. 
  • Please have the order number and name on the order for reference. 
  • For orders of less than 3 cases, please park in East end of the lot and give us a call at 888-445-6575.  We will bring your order out to you. 
  • For larger orders of 3 cases or more, please go to the overhead garage door and ring the bell. 

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