Tariff Codes and Import Criteria for EcoEnclose Products

Product HS Tariff Code Country of Origin
Preferential Criteria
Cello Packing Tape: 4811.41.00.90 Spain D
Clear Bags 6305.33.00.90 USA C
Corrugated Boxes and Bubble 4819.10.00.90 USA C
Glassine Bags 4817100000  China  C
Greenwrap 4804.39.00.00 USA C
Hemp Twine 5609.00.00.00 Romania C
Kraft Flatback Packing Tape 4811.41.00.10 USA C
Office Envelopes 4802.55.00.50 USA C
Office Paper and Note Cards 4802.55.00.20 USA C
Packing Tape Dispenser 8422.90.90.50 USA C
Paper Dispenser 8472.90.9002 USA C
Paper Mailers 4817.10.00.00 USA C
Paper Rolls 4804.31.00.99 USA C
Paper Shopping Bags 4819.40.00.90 USA C
Paperboard Tuck Boxes 4823.90.00.90 USA C
Poly Mailers 6305.33.00.90 USA C
Shipping Labels 4821.90.2 USA, Canada C
Stickers 482190 USA, Canada C
Tissue Paper 4811.90.00.19 USA C
Water Activated Tape 4811.41.00.10 USA C
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