Can you recommend a box or mailer size to ship my product?

We recommend measuring the item(s) you need to ship first. Arrange them on a table or counter and imagine a box around those items. Measure the Length x Width x Height of that imaginary box. 

For custom corrugated shipping boxes:
The dimensions listed on our site for corrugated boxes are INSIDE dimensions.
To make the box a perfect fit, a simple guideline is to add .125" to the Length and Width (keep the height the same), and then allow for any cushioning.

For Recycled Bubble Mailers:
The dimensions listed on our site are INSIDE dimensions. For Recycled Bubble Mailers: 

For all other products, such as our Poly Mailers and Paper Mailers:
The dimensions listed on our site are INSIDE dimensions. 

Suppose you are using a mailer and the products you are shipping have some height (i.e., thickness). In that case, you'll want to make sure the dimensions of the mailer you select are larger than the length and width of your products, so the mailer can expand, and comfortably contain everything. 

If you are shipping apparel, check out our  Shop By Use Guide for Apparel which includes sizing guidance for different types of apparel you might sell. 

We typically recommend ordering one or more samples of our products to test and confirm sizing prior to stocking up:

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