Do you offer boxes with dimensions over or under what is listed on the website?

We can offer a larger variety of box dimensions, but we can't always print on them. Please contact us for more information: Provide your desired dimensions and we'll let you know if they can be made, and if they can printed.

Be sure to let us know the box style, sheet type, dimensions, and quantity you are looking for. 

For larger box dimensions than are available on the site, the terms are as follows:

  • No sample boxes are available Minimum quantity: 100 boxes
  • Please keep in mind that for large packages dimensional ship weights will apply. You can find out more at:

Large boxes have very large dimensions when shipped flat, thus for larger boxes than available via our site you'll be accepting the risk of a damaged shipment. We cannot be held liable for damaged shipments if over a certain dimension limit unless you ship via pallet/freight to a commercial address.

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