Do you ship to countries other than what is listed on the site?

We may be able to ship to another country that is not available via the dropdown list on our site. Please contact us for more information at We will not be able to ship to countries with any civil disturbances.

The terms of these orders would be:

  1. Customer must order $300 or more.
  2. All orders are prepaid and payment is verified.
  3. Customer must schedule a Fedex or DHL pick up and send us the paper work.
  4. We will not be held liable for delayed, lost, or damaged packages. In that case the customer must contact the carrier.
  5. EcoEnclose does not broker your shipments, nor can we tell you what the customs fees will be. The customer is responsible for all customs fees, and none of these fees are added into the shipping rates. 
Your shipment will include an invoice on the outside of the package in a clear envelope, as well as one on the inside for any customs processing. Most of our goods classify for NAFTA preferential treatment.

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