Having trouble uploading your art?


Double check your art is properly formatted: 

  • 1.5 MB or less in size
  • vector format (.ai, .eps, .pdf). Note that PDF previews may render differently in browser previews and phones.
  • Minimum stroke weight: 1pt. Minimum reversed out stroke weight: 2pt
  • Minimum Font Size: Positive: 10 pt. Helvetica | Negative (reversed out): 16 pt. Helvetica.
  • one color
  • all font has been outlined
  • all font is larger than 12pt (or no spaces less than 1/16” in all font and graphics) to prevent the ink from filling in.
  • allow a minimum of 1" margins on all sides from your art to the edge of the box panels
  • transparent background
  • All supporting files must be embedded
  • Note that artwork must remain in artwork bounding box

If you have an art file that is complete but is not a vector file, we may be able to convert that for you for little to no fee. Extensive editing and other design services start at $39.00. Please contact us at  design@ecoenclose.com for more information on this.

If your art file is oversized, you're going to get an unfortunate error when attempting your upload. Most vector file created in Illustrator are less than 2MB. 

Why is yours so large? The most common mistake we see is pasting of a raster image (.tif, .gif, .jpeg, or .png) into your vector art file. A classic example is the addition of a social media icon. Use only vector art (.ai, .eps) whenever possible. 

When vector art is unavailable, try the work-around demonstrated in this screencast. I was able to reduce a file from 4.55 MB to 1 MB with just a few clicks in my Illustrator CS6. 

Take a moment to view this screencast on reducing your art file size in less than a minute:

Reducing Art File Size from Eco Enclose on Vimeo.

Still having troubles? We're sorry - that is frustrating! In this case, please use this art file: art_upload_sub.ai to place your order. 

Then follow-up by emailing the actual art file to us at art@ecoenclose.com. We will manually proof your art for approval via email within 24 hours.

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