How does the durability and quality of EcoEnclose Poly Mailers compare to other standard brands?

Using our 100% Recycled or 88% Recycled Poly Mailers, you can rest assured that your contents will remain secure from its point of origin to its destination. 

EcoEnclose Poly Mailers are made from a multi-layer (co-extruded) 2.5 mil recycled polyethylene film. Most poly mailers on the market are constructed from a polyurethane thickness that ranges between 2 - 3 mil. At a thickness of 2.5 mil, our mailers fall right in the middle of that range.We manufacture our mailers with side weld heat seals and bottom fold construction which offers superior bursting strength. 

Since our inception in 2010, over 15 million parcels have arrived safely in EcoEnclose Mailers. We are confident that you will find our mailers to be effectively durable and moisture resistant with exceptional puncture resistance and tear strength. 

And don't forget...Our poly mailers are made in USA in effort to provide a consistent and reliably constructed mailer.

For more information on how recycled content impacts the durability, strength and quality of our packaging, please refer to our blog post on this topic:

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