How much volume does the case of Ornament Paper Shred fill?

100% Recycled Ornament Paper Shred - 15" x 360'

If you're looking to understand how many of your shipping boxes you can fill with a single case of Ornament Paper Shred, look no further. Let's calculate this in inches since your corrugated shipping boxes are likely measured in inches.

A case of ornament shred is 15" x 360', or 15" x 3420" = 64,800 square inches

Ornament shred ships in a 17 x 17 x 17" box. So, when the ornament shred is NOT expanded (i.e., is laid flat), it is 4,913 cubic inches. When the ornament shred is expanded, the cubic inches is 13,068.

So one case of Ornament Paper Shred fills 13,068 Cubic Inches of shipping box space.

To find the cubic inches of your shipping box, multiply its L x W x H. Then divide 13,068 by this number. This will give you a conservative calculation of how many boxes you can fill with one case of ornament shred (conservative because you likely aren't filling your ENTIRE shipping box with ornament shred!). 

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