In-Store Pickup Policy

We love the chance to work with fellow Colorado companies on the front range! If you are close, we'd love for you to pick up your order so we get the chance to meet you and learn more about your business firsthand.

To pick up your order, please select "Pickup Order"  as the delivery method at checkout. Your shipping cost should be $0. 

You'll receive an email when your order is ready for pickup. Our address is 280 South Taylor Avenue in Louisville, Colorado. We are located in Suite 200, at the far end of the parking lot. Please be sure to bring a vehicle large enough to hold your order! This is especially important for custom box orders, as the final product is often much larger than people anticipate. 

Read on for more detail on our in-store pickup policy.

Customers have 14 days to pick up orders, or it will be restocked or recycled. All custom product orders will be recycled after that time period, so you will not be available for pickup after that 14 days unless you place another order. This includes all corrugated items such as boxes, box samples, corrugated pads, corrugated bubble, and inserts/dividers.
We will notify you:
1. When order is ready for pickup - via email.
2. One week from the first email notification - via email. 
3. 10 days from the first email notification - via email.This will be the warning to pick up before the order is restocked and/or recycled.
4. 14 days from the first email notification - Notice that the deadline is up and we will recycle and/or restock the order. We will refund for any stock items.
Please note: All corrugated or custom product orders will be recycled, and there would be no refund due.

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