Is custom printing available on your tapes?

Yes, we do offer Custom Printed tapes! We have 3 options- Water Activated Tape, in both reinforced and non-reinforced, or the Clear Cello Tape.

In order to custom print WAT, there is a minimum order quantity of at least 6 cases, Pricing can be found at the above links. The minimum order for Cello is 10 cases.

Water Activated:
One and two color prints with our stock colors can be ordered at the links above. If you are looking for a custom color, three+ color prints, or flood coat design, please contact to get a custom quote.

-  File must be in Vector format
-  All fonts must be outlined 
-  All Supporting files must be embedded
-  PDF previews may render differently in browser previews and phones
-  Proof colors will vary from monitor to monitor and are only used as reference
-  Design around 12” Drum
-  ¼” gap in between repeating designs
-  Stock ink colors available. 
-  Custom PMS matching is charged at $130.00/color
-  One plate per color. Plates are charged at $200.00/color

Below are the details for each option. Both are made in the USA.

Kraft Water Activated - Reinforced
Kraft Paper Backing
Vegetable Starch Adhesive
Not biodegradable- fiberglass reinforced
Medium duty up to 20 lb shipments
450 ft per roll

Kraft Water Activated - Non- Reinforced
Kraft Paper Backing, 50% recycled
Vegetable Starch Adhesive
Fully Biodegradable
Light duty up to 10 lbs
600 ft per roll

For the Water Activated Tape, we recommend looking into the Water Activated Tape Dispensers, as wetting the tape by hand can be tedious and messy for higher volumes. You can find the dispensers below:

Pull & Tear WAT Dispenser
Manual WAT Dispenser
Electric WAT Dispenser

Watch a video of our dispensers in action here!

Lead time is 3-4 weeks from art approval.

Minimum order: 10 cases 
Price: $234.00 / case ($13.00) / roll 
Plate/artwork: $130 per color, 2 colors max.
Plus shipping
Lead time: 4-5 weeks, plus transit time.

This option is not available on our site. For a quote on printed Cello Tape, please email our Design Team at the email mentioned above.

Here are some links that may be of interest: 

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Let us know what other questions you have about this and we'll be more than happy to work on a quote for you! We look forward to being your ecoally.

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